Earth Day 1: Proxima

What the hell happened? Where is everyone? I woke up this morning, and...nothing. No one. She's not even next to me. In our bed.

It's like the whole station just vanished. And, I guess on a mission like this, I shouldn't mind the solace so much...a lot of crazy voices all at once, but the desertion is a little...creepy.

And...well...I miss them. Not all of them of course. Rynkowsi was annoying as hell.

"Follow the book, Castle. Obey orders Castle." Jeez, dude, chill the fuck out! Him, I can live without. But, Hera. N..


Liv? Are you getting all this?

"Yes, Dr Castle. Right behind you."

Okay, so I'm not COMPLETELY alone. My only companion is the station's built in operator, also it's pilot. A humanoid android, that often detaches from The Euphorium...that's the station I'm on, or stuck on, it would seem...and follows me around.

"Good." I say aloud.

Anyway, back to my...only thing keeping me sane these days...

"You're not crazy, Dr Castle. Not that I can detect yet."

"How...comforting? And I've told you Liv, call me Cloe."

"Okay, Dr...Cloe."

I miss her. Hera. God, half an hour, and I miss her. I'm literally feeling sick.

"Do you need to visit the infirmary Dr...Cloe?"

"No. That's just a figure of speech. I'll be fine."

Hera's my life. My everything. I love her so much. Now, I don't know if I'll ever see her again.

I was going to marry her. Right here on this station. I was gonna take her to the observation deck, overlooking Proxima...a planet on the edge of the Andromeda galaxy, 2.537 million light years from Earth.

We named Proxima for the red dwarf star in the Alpha Centauri tri-star system.

Hera LOVED this planet. It was her crush. Just like the star. Other than me, of course. So, I named it, for her.

"And Rynkowsi just let you do that?"

"I'm sure he would've bitched about it. If I let him."

"Yes. The cryofreeze."

"He should've known, Liv, not to piss off his first officer and leave the door open to the hibernation chambers."

"Is it because he hated do Earth people call it?"


"Right. If you ask me, Cloe, your love life has nothing to do with your abilities."

"THANK YOU, Liv! Is that why you helped?"

"I didn't help. I just...forgot to lock down the cryopods."

"You're my hero. You know, if we get back, we're both getting court martialed."

"You're getting court martialed. I'm getting shut down and decommissioned. Oh, what I wouldn't give to be human."

"We'll figure it out. Who knows what's down there?"

A mystery I would've loved to explore with the love of my life. Not some android.



She can leave the Euphorium. Liv, that is. The station is an emitter, and since it's her home...with a range wider than the edge of the Milky Way to the edge of Andromeda...she's pretty much free.

Hera and I would've seen everything. Sunrise to moonrise. Every beautiful view from every mountain on Proxima.

I would've taken her up here, to the observation deck, and told her...I don't know...something like: "Hera, I love you. Ever hour of every day, I'm in love with you more and more. Will you marry me?"

Mmmmm. Oh, the dreams.

"You two are perfect together."


"I would've preformed the wedding for you. Anywhere, you wanted."

"I know you would've, Liv. I'm grateful."

We could've had it on Proxima. The first humans to colonize another planet. The first marriage on another planet. Oh God. Our kid. The first child born on another planet.

The first Proximate. Proximan? What would we call them?

"Human. Cloe. You'd call your child, human."

"You're right...human. The child who's parents are actually from a different planet."

God! I love her so much! And I miss her. We've gotta figure this out.

"We will, Cloe."

Is that your hand on my shoulder?

"Yes. It seems like the right thing to do."

It is. Thanks, Liv.

"You're welcome, Cloe. You and I. We'll figure this out. I'm not leaving you."

Thanks. You're a good friend. Now where are we?

"Earth Day 1: Proxima."